Competing in today’s dynamic and disruptive marketplace is tough.

Going at it blind is even tougher.

How well do you understand the effect of today’s and tomorrow’s competition on the success of your company?

Competing in today’s dynamic and disruptive marketplace is tough.

Going at it blind is even tougher.

How well do you understand the effect of today’s and tomorrow’s competition on the success of your company?

“The ACI series of training courses were the most informative, interactive and effective courses I have ever attended!”

Matt Barham, Cisco Systems

What is competitive intelligence?

Competitive intelligence is the art and science of generating a deep understanding of marketplace players and industry forces. It enables executives to optimize their decisions in light of the plans and strategies of other high-impact participants in the external environment. High impact players include all third parties—not just competitors—whose interactions with the company is what determines strategic success. 


The Master Class Series: CIP™ CERTIFICATION

If your job includes full or part-time responsibility for providing competitive intelligence to decision-makers inside your organization, ACI’s Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP™) certification is a rigorous training program that will enhance the value you bring to your organization while providing skills that will last throughout your career.

Core CIP-I Program
Advanced Master of CI CIP-II Program
Elite CIP-III Program



Every competitive intelligence professional serves hundreds if not thousands of users inside his or her organization. Few of them truly get CI. They think it’s “research”, or answers to questions, or “news” distribution, or mere competitors’ data. Give them the Compete Challenge. They’ll never look at you the same way again.

“The Most Successful Competitor Never Competes” Commentaries by Ben Gilad (Academy of Competitive Intelligence) and Jay Nakagawa (Dir. of CI at Dell Technologies and Chairman at SCIP)

What Our Alumni Say

Our alumni number in the thousands and are the most diversified group of professionals and managers coming from all six continents and hundreds of different industries. More than 50% of the Fortune 500 sent their people to train with us.

"The Academy of CI is fantastic and provides valuable training and certifications!"

Jennifer Marrion, CI Director SAIC


Whether it’s a new analyst on your CI team taking the basic courses or an established practitioner coming back for advanced training this is the best CI training available. Competitive Intelligence training through ACI is not your ordinary training program. The instructors are engaging, the learning environment is challenging, and the case study-based approach for practice is essential to understanding what good CI is all about. You will leave the training with an expanded skillset, knowledge, and confidence to be a real CI practitioner and make an impact at your company.
Stacy Keding, Eli Lilly and Co.

"We accept no other"

I can tell you without hesitation that ALL of our competitive Intelligence personnel are certified Masters of Competitive Intelligence from ACI and we will accept no other certification. We have had nothing other than glowing responses from the Business Area VPs and our President with regard to the value of ACI’s contribution. They get my absolutely highest recommendation which is not casually given. You will not be disappointed with engaging them; in fact, you’ll be amazed and enlightened!
Bob Maszarose, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

"World Class"

I found ACI as the gold standard in the industry and attended both CIP-I and CIP -II certifications and have been their greatest fan ever since. ACI has helped us define a world class CI capability and tie all work to actions and decision-making. We have been so successful our insights team has been moved directly into the strategy group closely aligning to our executives.
Heather Hallenbeck, Bose

"No Comparison!"

There is no comparison. ACI is a collection of all-stars sharing their knowledge. I wanted to let you know that we are now sending the rest of the team through ACI training! Also, our Finance CI team will likely be going through ACI training in the near future. We are on our way to building a strong, World Class CI team!!

I can’t sing enough praise for the ACI courses! Keep up the great work – You truly do believe in ensuring graduates have an impact in their organization.
Peg Wright, Sprint

Bring competitive intelligence to your organization!

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