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An Exciting Career. Not Just A Job.

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What is a CIP™ Professional? And what do they need to know?

Certified competitive intelligence professionals are highly skilled internal advisors to decision-makers at all levels of the company. They provide a unique perspective and insight about the competitive environment helping the company make superior data and insight-based decisions.

Our certified CIPs™ come from an incredible variety of functional and professional backgrounds and even more diverse academic backgrounds.

A CIP™ Professional is not the same as an information practitioner (researcher, librarian, and archivist).  An ideal prerequisite for CI professionals is industry knowledge (3-4 years minimum) combined with our specialized training in intelligence tools and analytical techniques.

With CIP™ certification, CI professionals become more valuable advisors to senior management, gaining a seat at the table where strategic decisions are debated and made.  Adding a CIP™ certification to a research, product or technical background is a valuable combination that sets CI professionals apart within their organization.


  • An ability to collect intelligence from human sources (internal or external).
  • An ability to synthesize and interpret (rather than just report on) dynamic industry developments, i.e., CIP™ professionals see the forest from the trees.
  • An ability to communicate with and have an impact on executive, C-suite leaders.

It is recommended that you take courses in sequence but we understand your busy schedule. In order to be certified, you must take all the courses in the program, but you can take them in increments until you complete the program.

If you are not aiming at certification, you can take courses at your discretion.


Every management pundit from Peter Drucker to Michael Porter to Jack Welch has made the observation that in the 21st century, it is how companies generate and use knowledge that is the most important competitive weapon.

Knowledge is not information or data but the insight derived from these that enable executives to compete more effectively. The critical element is the transformation of raw data into insight which is not as simple as collecting and distributing “nice to know” news alerts or “competitor profiles.”

This is where CIP™s, trained in critical strategic analysis, have their utmost value for your company.   Turning information into a competitive weapon is our specialty.

Master Class Series  2024

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2024 DATES

Analyst Asynchronous Option For CIP-ST SKILLS CERTIFICATION

Core Courses CIP-I VIRTUAL
Oct. 16, 24, 25, 30, Nov. 1, 8, 2024

Advanced Courses CIP-II VIRTUAL
June 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 2024
Offered Once a Year

The Master Class Series: CIP™ Certifications

Our nine-course CIP™-I and Master of CI CIP™-II Certificate Program as well as the Elite CIP-III level is a complete intelligence education program covering theory and leading edge practices from the basic collection to advanced analysis, from running the CI function to a sophisticated industry risk management framework. CIP-III “A Step Above” would have you dig even deeper. Whether you take one course or complete any or all certificate levels, you will learn how to anticipate change and minimize risk to your company with these CI courses.

The Master Class Series of ACI’s courses are designed for CI professionals as well as managers and executives in functional areas such as strategic planning, marketing, sales, product marketers, finance, R&D, and manufacturing/operations, among others.

CIP-III A Step Above        TBA VIRTUAL


Bundled 4 day Program

Day 1. Using cognitive biases to drive your CI message AND Application of Tying It All Together – Cognitive Biases in a Real-World Case Study

Day 2. Competitive Strategy & Competitive Intelligence – How to Play the Right Game and Win in  a Challenging World

Day 3. Driving Competitive relevance Through VUCA Events (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)

Day 4. Using Competitive Intelligence to Fuel Futurism

Certification Exams for CIP™-I & Master of CI CIP™-II & ELITE LEVEL CIP-III

To earn the CIP™-I core and Master of CI CIP™-II advanced level of certification you would need to complete the required number of courses for each level and pass an exam for each level.

CI Blueprint – A Roadmap to CI Success requires completion of course and passing the exam.

CIP™-I Level Certification requires completion of courses Fundamentals of Competitive Intelligence, CI 101/202, CI 301, CI 302, CI 303, CI 304. Once you have completed these courses you would be eligible to take the exam at the completion of each course.

Master of CI CIP™-II Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 401, CI 402, CI 404 and CIP™-I certification. You cannot receive the Master of CI CIP™-II certification without first receiving the CIP™-I certification. Once you have completed these courses you would be eligible to take the exam at the completion of each course.

Elite CIP™-III Level Certification requires completion of all four courses in the program. You cannot receive the Elite CIP™-III certification without first receiving the CIP™-II certification. Eligible to take the exam at the completion of each course.

The exam fee for each level is $150.00. The exam(s) are a 12 multiple choice question exam for each course which you would take online. You would be sent a login and a password to the URL. The passing grade is 75. Once you have logged in, you will see that you have a due date to complete the exam. Once you have completed the exam you will be able to see your score right away. You are able to stop and resume when you would like within that open window before the due date. The answers are automatically saved.

If you do not pass the first time you have one more opportunity to take a slightly different version of the exam which you will be given access to at no additional cost within a few hours after your first exam results have been sent, but it must be submitted on or before the due date. Exams received after the due date will be marked as a failing grade on your record.