Distance Learning


“The virtual training that ACI offered was by far the most engaging and interactive virtual courses I’ve attended” – Christopher Hauke, Schott AG (Nov/Dec 2020)

Virtual Core and Advanced CIP-I and CIP-II Certification

After completing each (course) you would take the CIP-I or CIP-II exam. Passing score is 75.

CIP-I Core certification courses VIRTUAL ZOOM
October 16, 24, 25, 30, Nov. 1, 8, 2024

CI Blueprint – A Roadmap to CI Success

CI 101/202 Planning and Collection

CI 301 Competitive Blindspots

CI 302 Cross-Competitor Analysis

CI 303 Structured Intelligence Analysis

CI 304 Reporting & Communicating Intelligence

CIP-II Advanced certification courses VIRTUAL ZOOM
June 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 2024

CI 401 War Gaming

CI 404 Elevated Insights

CI 403 Anticipating Disruptions/Scenario Analysis

CIP-III ELITE “A Step Above” certification program VIRTUAL ZOOM


CIP-III A Step Above

ANALYST asynchronous Option for CIP-ST Skills certification

$1,550.00 for the “Bundle” (20 hrs est.). CIP- ST (Competitive Intelligence Professional Skills Training) is a new asychronous certificate online program for a fundamental skill set in competitive intelligence. This online module which has quizzes and assignments within and personal guidance by Dr. Ben Gilad, is composed of the first two analytical courses in the Competitive Intelligence Professional’s (CIP) core level certification program and two short free courses. You take it at your pace starting right now if you like watching some videos and back and forth interaction over assignments.  It is suitable for managers and professionals in market-facing functions (marketing, business development, sales, strategy, market research, R&D) as well as dedicated professionals looking to get certified as a CIP-I. The two courses can be applied as credit toward the CIP-I core certification of five courses which can be found to the left of this column. After completing the Skills training you will take an exam for the CIP-ST designation. Passing score is 70.

Strategic Early Warning 0 CEUs

we don’t believe in training “stick-fetchers”. This short course shows you what to show your bosses: strategic early warning, the only element of CI that gets executives excited.

CI 301 Competitive Blindspots   .7 CEUs

The Foundation of all strategic intelligence: Industry, Competitor and Blindspots analysis framework.

CI 302 Cross-Competitor Analysis   .7 CEUs

Simplify predictions of competitors’ moves and countermoves when multiple rivals are involved.