The compete challenge

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ― Peter Drucker


innovative “challenge” for competitive managers in product, brand management, marketing, strategy, business development, M&A, project leadership, technology scouting, purchasing decisions, pricing strategy and R&D. Tested with over 150 managers in 2 leading  Fortune 500 companies. Virtual, interactive 1.5 hours, no boring Powerpoint. Ideal for organizational development, corporate training and every CIP™ looking to recruit support and recognition inside his or her company in the fastest way possible at a very low cost. SCIP and ACI members receive priority in scheduling their companies.

Answers the age old questions:

  • What makes you good at Competing?
  • What makes some people “naturally” better at competing?

Test your talent.

Requirements: Recruit a min of 40 of your users/managers but no more than 100; The test can be done on your company’s online platform.

Contact Ben Gilad at or to get details. Capacity is limited by Ben’s schedule.