By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

Information SpecialistIn one week, I received requests from two companies looking to hire a Competition Analyst.

One was looking for Market Insight manager and the other “a shrewd Market Analyst and thinker”.

It has been our campaign for many years to separate competition analysts from the information “specialist” profession and at last I am seeing the signs that the tide is turning!

Here is how I know we are winning: Both requests specified the critical aspects of the position as strategic analysis, not library/research technician (and surely not “tradecraft” nonsense).

Here is a direct quote: “I’d like someone who can analyze this market in a way that would focus us on where we should go next.”

I couldn’t say it better.

The other position listed the following as critical aspects:

  • Inform strategic options
  • Shape and guide strategy development throughout the business
  • Generate insights and in-depth analysis

The Academy has always been a first contact for recruiters. The difference is that in previous years the requests were for “competitive intelligence” and the description was heavy on research and data and collection. This is now the past.

The old information focus has been replaced with “strong understanding of industry structure, the market landscape, our competitive advantage, and influence the strategic direction of or for the various products within the business.”

I couldn’t be happier. My problem now is finding candidates to field these positions. Unlike the many non-certified “CI” people looking for jobs, CIPs are relatively scarce. They number in the high hundreds, not thousands. And they are all gainfully employed.

But that’s a good problem to have!

If you are a CIP looking to change jobs, contact me.

***Here is a very recent job opening from Eastman Chemical if anyone is interested.

Job Description – US Tennessee
Market Insight & Strategy Manager-00007268

The Market Insight and Strategy Manager (MI&S) plans, leads, and executes critical market insights initiatives to help shape business decisions and strategic choices for Eastman’s growth.

The MI&S Manager’s key responsibility is to close critical knowledge gaps by providing strategic insights.  This position is within Eastman’s Adhesives and Plasticizers business. More details click below…

 Job Description and Application