CI 404 – Elevated Insights – More Than Theory and Techniques

WHEN: June 7, 2024 Virtual
SUMMARY: CIP Elevated Insights(TM) is a course designed to bring together multiple techniques from CIP-I and CIP-II into practical application using real-life case studies. Participants will face challenges that will require situational awareness, analysis, and application of the various techniques to solve both strategy and product situations. Identification of the competitive forces and landscape pressures will be key to understanding the challenges and opportunities presented in this case study. Participants will need to comprehend the competitive challenges, and opportunities, and determine the optimum solution as there is only one correct answer in one scenario presented. Since many CI customers are product marketers and managers, this course is the answer to your internal customers’ real needs from CI.


meghan dewitt

To gain the greatest benefit from this course, please be sure to review the case material in advance.

Combining theory and practice, you will learn to:

  • Why Pragmatic Marketing is a starting point but ACI is the masterclass
  • Analyze a difficult situation and make practical decisions
  • Why the obvious decision is not always the right one
  • Should you care about your ecosystem?
  • How you can help your product managers be successful


Here we list the key questions that this seminar addresses. If you can answer “yes” to three or more of the 10 questions posed for this course, it will meet your needs.

Do you need to help your product manager, product marketer, or engineering customer…

  1. Think strategically about their products to identify meaningful features that truly differentiate their product?
  2. Think about roadmaps and releases that go beyond just incremental improvements?
  3. Identify competitive blind spots?
  4. To quit rationalizing that the competition is acting “irrationally”?
  5. To understand the competitor’s view of themselves, their strengths, expectations, and capabilities?
  6. How to think “outside the box”?
  7. How and what part the company plays in the ecosystem?
  8. How to view and leverage the ecosystem?
  9. Look for the signs of a seismic shift in product use-cases that can make/break their locked-in plans for the future?
  10. Understand the value of an alternative hypothesis when developing plans?


All ACI programs teach students how to overcome the most challenging competitive intelligence issues. The following are sample lessons taught in this course:

  1. Your product manager customer is responsible for a product that nobody wants or sees a need for – even your company’s channel partners don’t want to touch it. How do you make lemonade out of the lemon or can you make it a Diet Coke? Who can help you? The government? Your engineering staff? GhostBusters? How does your competitive intelligence find that one thing that turns the entire situation around to take the market by storm and drives your largest competitor to despair?
  2. Your product manager customer is in a stagnant market and your company’s product is dying a slow, painful death. Customers hate the product and are defecting in droves. How can competitive intelligence turn these liabilities into assets and revive an entire market back into growth when 700 of your customers are threatening lawsuits? While ecosystems can be fragile, using your competitive intelligence to identify how to create a winning ecosystem can make the difference between growth and doom.