CI Blueprint® – A Roadmap to CI Success

WHEN: October 16, 2024 Virtual
SUMMARY: This course is practical, not theoretical. It contains the fundamental building blocks or CI Blueprint® on which the rest of the ACI CIP™ – I Program builds. The content is drawn from over 35 years of Competitive Intelligence (CI) expertise in working with over 200 Fortune 500 companies and establishes the essential foundational elements to building and operating a highly effective intelligence capability. The skills you learn will immediately apply to your role the day you receive the knowledge. You will have access to real-world examples and scenarios through case studies and group exercises to bring the material and your experience to life. This workshop is suited to all levels, whether you’re a beginner or have been working in competitive intelligence for a while.

CI Blueprint® is a registered trademark of Proactive Worldwide, Inc.

david kalinowski

David J. Kalinowski

As President and Co-founder of Proactive Worldwide, Inc., David Kalinowski leads the organization in developing and implementing global strategies and tactics to deliver world-class competitive intelligence research, analysis, training, and consulting services.
In 1995, David co-founded Proactive Worldwide, Inc., a leading specialty market research firm that concentrates heavily on competitive analysis, after spending the prior 5 years with a smaller, boutique consulting firm. In 2024, Proactive Worldwide earned a Gold Stevie Award® with its CI Blueprint® course in the Career and Workforce Readiness Solution category and a Global 100 Award from EMG Publishing as the Best Research & Consulting Firm.
A 34-year Competitive Intelligence (CI) veteran, David is a sought-after, dynamic keynote speaker known for his skills in helping clients recognize and transcend their business and competitive challenges. He has directed over 1,000 global research and consulting engagements for over 200 Fortune 1000 companies to help them gain and maintain a competitive edge covering industries such as Financial Services, Technology, Consumer & Industrial Goods, and Healthcare & Life Sciences.
David received a Business Titan Award in 2023 in Excellence and was inducted as a CI Fellow in the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows in 2022. He has deep experience in Competitive Strategy, Benchmarking, Market Entry and Defense, War Gaming, Early Warning, Intelligence Transformation, Counterintelligence, and CI Leadership Training.
David has trained over 3,000 CI practitioners from over 25 countries: US, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, England, Ireland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, India, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Egypt and more.
He has co-written two, bestselling books: New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale (2011) and The CI-Driven CEO (2022).
David holds a BS in Political Science/Public Law from Northern Illinois University.


Learn How to:

    • Explain What CI is and Its Importance
    • Apply CI Best Practice Strategies
    • Build the Intelligence Capability and Business Model
    • Create a Value Driven Input Process
    • Manage Stakeholder Expectations
    • Conduct Effective Research
    • Develop an Intelligence Network
    • Delivery Impact Through Analysis
    • Create an Early Warning System
    • Demonstrate the Value of CI

Here we list the key questions that this seminar addresses. If you can answer “yes” to three or more of the 10 questions posed for this course, it will meet your needs.

Do you need to…

    1. Understand the basics of competitive intelligence (CI)?
    2. Develop a roadmap to build a CI function?
    3. Learn how to scope out a project?
    4. Handle scope creep?
    5. Set and manage unrealistic expectations from stakeholders?
    6. Be more efficient at secondary research?
    7. Understand primary research elicitation techniques.
    8. Consider ethical guidelines?
    9. Build an internal and external human source network?
    10. Implement critical analytical frameworks?
    11. Gain confidence in delivering intelligence to senior leaders?
    12. Mobilize a strategic early warning system?
    13. Show how your intelligence function delivers value and impact?

All ACI programs teach students how to overcome the most challenging competitive intelligence issues. The following are sample lessons taught in this module:


We’ll introduce new intelligence analysts to the world of CI and cover in detail the most important aspects of CI (the “big picture”) and how to master them in the field. Key takeaways are to

  • Do you know what CI is and is not?
  • How do you build a highly effective intelligence capability?
  • What are the primary action steps to building a valued CI program?
  • How do you inspire others to engage and decision makers to act?


“Get me whatever you can.” We’ve all heard these 5 words. But beware: They are certain to set up a project for failure. Even though stakeholders love to give this direction…they don’t really mean it! Communication between a CI group and its internal stakeholders is crucial to successful CI. It often boils down to how well the CI professional understands the stakeholder needs and problems, and the stakeholder having clarity on what actually can be delivered, the research-gathering process, when results can be expected, and at what cost. Research is important, but for intelligence to have a high impact on an organization, one must be able to convert information into intelligence through analysis.

  1. What the 6-step process for diagnosing stakeholder requests?
  2. What are the benefits and challenges of managing expectations?
  3. What are secondary search tips to improve efficiency?
  4. What’s the difference between secondary and primary research and between traditional market research and intelligence research?
  5. What is a reliable framework for building a sustainable human source network?
  6. What are the 5 core analytical tools every intelligence analyst must master?


How often are you asked to show the value of what you do? CI teams seem always to be scrutinized to show how they contribute value to the organization. Many argue that it is impossible to show the value of CI. We disagree. Through a simple yet highly effective framework, you will learn how to show the ROI of CI and gain more visibility and resources to ensure that CI becomes an integral part of the organization’s culture.

  1. Learn the 4 core elements necessary to demonstrate CI’s value
  2. Prove CI’s contribution to senior management through consistent communication and reporting tools
  3. Discover specific ways to create and cultivate an internal CI Culture of Excellence
  4. Establish an action plan to implement the ROCI® framework


ROCI (Return on Competitive Intelligence) is a registered trademark of Proactive Worldwide, Inc.

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