CIP-III Advanced Certificate A Step Above

WHEN: June 14, 15, 18, 2021 Virtual Bundled Three Day Program
CREDITS: 1.8 CEU CREDITS (3 Day Program)

ben gilad   

Day 1 June 14, 2021

Intelligence and Decision Risk Mitigation
Kenneth Sawka
9:00 am – 3:30 pm EST

All decisions – from what to have for breakfast to whether to make a multi-billion dollar acquisition – involve some degree of risk.  Decision-making compels individuals to take actions for personal or organizational benefit in an environment beset by future uncertainty.  Intelligence helps mitigate – but not eliminate – risk, leading to better decision quality and decision outcomes.  If business leaders and CI providers understand the risk-intelligence-decision equation, intelligence becomes an invaluable risk mitigation tool for decision-makers, thus enhancing the value of intelligence.  This course will examine how intelligence can and should play a decision-risk-mitigating role in corporate strategy settings.  It will explore the risk-based constraints that impede effective decision-making (focusing on bounded rationality and prospect theory in particular), re-examine the role intelligence plays as a tool to improve decision quality, and offer distinct tools for decision-makers and intelligence providers.

Day 2 June 15, 2021
Morning 9:00 am -12:00 pm EST

The CI Art Means Deliver It Smart
Dr. Benjamin Gilad

Most of you know about cognitive biases. We are told they are bad, distort decisions and affect judgements. But they are used extensively in marketing, advertising and government policies to affect behavior. And if they are used to enhance the acceptance of competitive intelligence in an organization, this is much more beneficial than delivering a message/report no one wants to hear, which is therefore ignored. In this course I will explore how Nudge theory can help us deliver important messages to management, and more broadly, how to use management’s cognitive biases when delivering reports and making our recommendations as competition analysts.

Afternoon 1:00 pm-3:30 pm EST

Profit Pool Analysis: Hunting for the Next Strategic Horizon
Helen N Rothberg, PhD

Do you know your industry’s boundaries, how it is evolving or what other industry(s) might be seeping into or stepping onto yours?  Traditional auto manufacturers didn’t imagine that electric, self-driving competition would come from beyond Tesla to Google and Apple.  Nor did major television networks anticipate industry outsiders such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime challenging them in premium content.

An industry profit pool map stretches strategic consideration of industry boundaries, provides a landscape of a firm’s position vis a vis existing and emerging competitor, identifies untapped sources of profit, and terrain altering strategic shifts.

Day 3 June 18, 2021

CI Bootcamp
Dr. Benjamin Gilad & Helen N Rothberg, PhD
9:00 am – 3:30 pm EST

In this one day “bootcamp”, we will simulate the whole process of designing, preparing and running a war game based on a real company in real time with real data (not a HBS case study!). We will run a “data exchange” in which teams get a budget to “buy” information from us. We will pressure test strategic options and allow participants to interact with an expert (at a cost). Teams will be scored on best analysis, best presentation and best use of data. Best in show wins a medal!