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Dr. Helen Rothberg

Dr. Helen Rothberg is a Professor of Strategic Management in the School of Management at Marist College, and senior faculty in the Academy of Competitive Intelligence. She holds a PhD and M.Phil from The City University Graduate Center, MBA from Baruch College, and a BA from Queens College. She is the 2011 recipient of the Board of Trustee’s Distinguished Teaching Award and is a CI Fellow.

With Scott Erickson, she published From Knowledge to Intelligence: Creating Competitive Advantage in the Next Economy: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, in 2005, and Intelligence in Action: Strategically Managing Knowledge Assets: Palgrave McMillan in 2012. Other publications include Competitive Intelligence Review, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, International Journal of Knowledge Management, Money Magazine.

Helen’s research interests include shadow and intelligence teams, and the intersection between competitive intelligence and knowledge management. She is the principal consultant for HNR Associates, a network of knowledge focusing on strategic change, competitive intelligence and knowledge management challenges.

Her book “The Perfect Mix: Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned as a Bartender”: Simon & Schuster now available.