How Competitive Intelligence Changed in One Decade
Report and Analysis 2019 survey

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No longer an infant

This survey only asked about intelligence use – which is where my writing and lectures and executive presentations and crusades have been focusing on for the past decade. While newcomers to the field think production of intelligence is the most important element, the reality is companies have enough intelligence out there to fill a few clouds plus a bucket.

Collection is no longer CI 101 collection of the 80-90s. CI research tools have gotten automated, calibrated, augmented, and algorithmized; the analytical part – separating the crowd of information chasers from our analysts’ alumni – has always been the focus of the Academy and we graduated and certified brilliant analysts all over the world (except China). But actual use remains a relative enigma: unknown, underexplored, unreported. I’ve been fighting relentlessly to increase our impact on executives’ use of intelligence. Without use we are just producing noise, not intelligence. – Ben Gilad


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How Competitive Intelligence Changed In One Decade