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An ACI 2015 Alumni Survey
Report and Analysis

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This is our second survey in a row in which we tested some hypotheses on the life of a manager tasked with either full time or part time CI responsibilities. In the previous survey in 2013, “Who Are the Most Successful CI Professionals” Download it Now! we were able to test for the factors influencing promotions of our alumni in a corporate setting. In this survey, we were able to test for the factors making the life of a CI analyst more fulfilling.

People go to work to earn money. There is no doubt the level of compensation is a major factor in job satisfaction. But it’s not the only one, and at times, not the main one. What makes CI people happy?

When they have impact.

How do you get there?

Read the survey. Use the survey findings to push for simple changes in your organization’s  CI process. Send the survey around to make people aware of what makes for a great CI environment.

Don’t just sit around waiting for a miracle. Use this survey to affect change.

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