CI 303 – Structured Intelligence Analysis Techniques

WHEN: Ft. Lauderdale, FL: February 13, 2020 〉 Nashville, TN: June 18, 2020
SUMMARY: This course introduces students to a class of analytic techniques that contribute to the discipline and objective analysis using intelligence. A business case study will be used throughout the course to illustrate the application of structured analysis.

In today’s world, data acquisition is not enough. If your analysis does not translate to recommendations and measurable impact, it is not effective. In this course, the student will be introduced to Intelligence and insights structured analytic techniques and the use of design and systems thinking in their analysis. The student will also learn effective ways to translate and visualize information, develop an impact analysis from it and present the information in the most effective way for a variety of management disciplines.

Through a combination of lecture, case studies, and exercises, students will have the opportunity to learn and work with this class of analytic techniques in a practical, collaborative, and challenging class environment. The resulting learnings are immediately applicable when the student returns to their respective organizational roles.

You will learn

  1. The definition of structured analytics for business decision support impact analysis
  2. An understanding of systems and design thinking and the application to strategic intelligence
  3. A battery of tools and the application of each to specific areas and problems
  4. How to use structured storyboarding in order to understand business requirements, possible outcomes and the impact of those outcomes
  5. How to take a real world situation and by using critical thinking, break down the situation using data and data flow diagrams to understand and model situations, impact and possible outcomes