What an exhilarating week we all had at the June ACI core and advanced courses in Boston. The vibe and energy was terrific! Attendees were very eager to take in as much as possible and did not allow distractions like the cell phone or work emails to interrupt their focus, some small groups even wanted to continue their analysis instead of breaking for lunch!

Even a cynic like Ben Gilad got swept up with the energy of this group. As one attendee from Northrop Grumman stated at the end of the week “You rock!”. We couldn’t ask for better feedback!

If you ask them, they’d tell you: this was more challenging than getting an MBA. Right guys?

Winners of the Competitive Blindspots Course Analytical Competition with Dr. Ben Gilad:
Jeremy Shor from Woodside Energy, Cody Price from USAA, Amy Blaha from Stryker, and Corinne Peck from Bose.




Winners of the Value Chain Analysis Course Analytical Competition with Dr. Helen Rothberg:
Katie Herta from Continental Reifen Deutschland, Jacintha Noronha from Sanofi, Shaadie Musleh from Economic Development Regina, and Pavan Chilukuri from Shell.



If you haven’t attended, come see what it is all about at our next program in Chicago this fall 2016 or in Europe (Amsterdam) in April 2017!