Helen Rothberg stated:

“Had a wonderful learning experience at ACI with a group of bright, good natured and energetic people.  For the first time, two teams in the Value Chain course were able to compute an exact value in a relative cost analysis, each earning a plaque of excellence.  I feel as if I also concluded CIP-II training a bit smarter!”

Picture 1:
Jack Boureston, Jabil
Julie Kawecki, Abbott
Bhadra Menon, Cargill
Sheila Cheverie, Bose

Picture 2:
Oritsedere Ogbe, Shell
Pia Kirkland, Cognosis
Wayne Detzler, Cargill
Guy Bartram, VMware

Ben’s Quote: “the two training levels were one of the best we had. It’s either I am getting dumber (very likely), or the managers we train are getting smarter by the year and the CIP is giving them power they can’t have otherwise! The talent is simply awesome.”