ACI announces an alliance with ACP- American Corporate Partners, a not-for-profit organization helping to connect veterans to corporate mentors. ACP honors us by accepting our training as valuable for former intelligence professionals from government or military agencies.

For years we had to turn down applicants from government or military intelligence jobs who wanted to get a CIP™ as an entry point into CI positions in Corporate. We knew the transition is far from easy, and the job requirements from Corporate hardly ever match the qualities and skills of the national/military intelligence community.

We still believe the transition is hard, and we will never claim getting a CIP™ is the panacea guaranteeing a foot in the door. But with the alliance with ACP we are taking the first step to increase the opportunities available for intelligence veterans.  Combined, our training and ACP’s personal mentoring process will provide veterans with a much better understanding of what business requires when it comes to CI or MI or SI jobs.

Our training doesn’t require a business degree. We get managers with as diverse a background as imaginable. But CI jobs in corporate require business/industry experience. What we provide is the authoritative perspective on competing so essential to any industry and any business. What ACP’s mentoring does is provide veterans with the business experience.

If you are a veteran of the National/Military Intelligence community, and you are wondering about transitioning into competitive intelligence, we will connect you first with our liaison at the ACP; then you can decide if the CIP™ is for you. We will not take your money unless you are convinced that the career path of a competition analyst is for you.

The two partners at ACI, Ben Gilad and Ken Sawka are respectively military veteran and National Intelligence veteran. This is the least we can do to honor veterans.