ACI alumni have been asking for a boot camp from us for years. Here you go!

2017_cis_banner_185x80Some managers go to CI conferences. Others go to strategy forums. It is rare that the two shall meet. Yet intelligence without effect on strategy is just glorified distribution of mostly tactical information. Strategy without input from intelligence is wishful thinking, with excessive reliance on process and luck to replace systematic opportunity and risk identification.

So we partnered with an experienced conference organizer, Veralinx, with a proven track record in CI events, that has put together the CI+Strategy event.

Our CIPs are on the event advisory board and are many of the speakers who come from Dunkin’ Brands, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Intel, Cisco, Cintas, Reliance, NetApp, and Atrion.

ACI will be conducting an all day innovative one-of-a-kind “boot camp” on the first day for this event (March 27, 2017), simulating a strategic CI project from a to z. The “boot camp” will be led by Dr. Benjamin Gilad and Prof. Helen Rothberg and features a real company case from the entertainment high tech industry. Teams will compete in front of the company representative for winning medals.

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