By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

For the past 18 years at the Academy, I’ve been preaching the mantra that competitive intelligence is never the facts, only the perspective, and that for strategic intelligence, perspective is the most important element for decision makers. This week I received a message from one of my favorite CIPs, Simon Sang, who was just recently promoted to Ag. Chief Development Officer in his company (Kenya Pipeline Co.) It was very brief:  “Certainly CIP has changed my life. Perspective …is a word I will not forget soon.”

Perspective is neither true nor false, neither right nor wrong. But it has one test: is it consistent with the facts supporting it. Consistency is a logical test. If a perspective is not consistent with its own set of facts, it is an inference fallacy. In that respect, Simon’s perspective is consistent with ours: we do not merely give you a set of technical skills, we change your entire professional path going forward. No one else can say that in our field.

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