By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

What’s common to a Harvard MBA and an ACI’s CIP?

Just one thing. See if this is relevant for you. Then join us June 6-10, 2016 in Cambridge, MA.

There are many differences between a Harvard MBA and our CIP:

  1. A Harvard MBA takes 2 years. We take 5 days (10 if you go for the highest level of Master of CI!).
  2. A Harvard MBA’s acceptance rate is below zero. We accept anyone who can pay and some who can’t.
  3. A Harvard MBA is in Cambridge, MA. Ooops, we are too. Sorry.
  4. A Harvard MBA requires you to be extremely bright. We get some stars, too, but we find the most predictive characteristic of fast career in CI is courage, not IQ. CI requires the ability to think differently and to tell truth to powers. MBA doesn’t.
  5. A Harvard MBA takes close to 800 cases to solve. We use about 10.
  6. A Harvard MBA is taught by the best academics in the world. We have the most experienced practitioners in the world. Yes, some also have PhDs but they don’t make a big deal of that.
  7. A Harvard MBA class represents 60 countries. We only have students from 58 countries.

What is the one common factor?

Harvard MBAs list “having impact” as one of their main drivers for getting the prestigious degree. ACI’s CIPs list “Having Impact” as the main benefit of our CIP certification program. (pp. 10-11 of 2015 survey).

Oh, yes, and that too: Harvard MBAs doubled their income in 6 years. The percent of Our CIPs in the 200K+ category doubled from 2013. More than 66% of our CIPs earn more than 100K. (p. 2 of survey analysis). Just in case you like to be compensated for your time.

Do not expect similar benefits from either an MBA from no Ivy League, or CI “training” not from ACI. Sorry.