This is simple to answer: we are the one that has been defining the curriculum in the field since 1999. You can take many courses in information management. We are the only ones training in intelligence. Intelligence is not information.

Certification offers your employer an assurance that you know what you are doing. When it comes to competitive intelligence and how to use it for its full power, too many companies don’t. Read Gilad’s piece in the Harvard Business Review.

We do not operate other lines of business such as conferences, syndicated research, or software. 

Our faculty members have written over 100 articles and 11 books on CI. We are competitive intelligence.

The true measure of value comes from your customers. Here’s what our graduates have to say:

•Mick Lariviere (CIP-II™) recently changed jobs. Formerly at McAfee, he put our Masters’ certification on his resume. The hiring manager at his new job told him our certification was a game changer.

•“Outstanding opportunity to learn from the best!”(Stuart DeGeus, CIP-I, Vice President, Concept & Industry Intelligence at Little Caesar’s Pizza)

•“The training provided by ACI was critical in our effort to build a world-class competitive intelligence function.” (Troy Pfeffer, CIP-II, Intelligence Dir. at Cintas)

•“An incredible set of pivotal lessons on CI. This training is an absolute must have for everyone in the CI profession.” (Carlos Cruz, CIP-II at Chevron Philip)

•“Fuld-Gilad-Herring ACI is the most comprehensive training I’ve received. The instructors are all seasoned practitioners and the course work goes beyond the training I’ve received with other CI training. I completed the Master of CI (CIP II) and it helped with my real-world challenges. This program is the only one I know that is accredited by the IACET which helped get CEUs for my other professional certifications.” (Ann Schiola, CIP-II, Bus. Dir. At McKim & Creed)