ACI is the only entity solely dedicated to training in CI/MI/SI. We don’t do conferences, we don’t sell market research or software. We train.

We’ve been running three programs annually, since 1999. Our competitors come and go, some running sessions as part of a conference, some create imitation programs that last a year or two, but none come even close to our lead.

We wrote the curriculum for this field. We are flattered others copied us, but they have to use our texts and our methods and our lesson plan. Some even use our Power Points.

We are the only outfit run by the co-founders of the field of Competitive Intelligence (Gilad) and the most experienced practitioner with top executive experience (Sawka). Our instructors’ cumulative experience in CI exceeds 70 years.

We have written over 100 articles and the three definitive books on Competitive Intelligence.
We introduced war gaming, strategic early warning and integrated reporting to global corporations.

Our alumni span the entire world and the entire spectrum of industries. No one comes even close.
We are not just better. Stuart DeGeus, CIP-I, Vice President, Concept & Industry Intelligence at Little Caesars Pizza says: “Outstanding opportunity to learn from the best!” (August, 2018)

We are not just the best, we are different. We offer a career path for CI practitioners but also skill training for managers involved with the market: in business development, marketing, product management, strategy and market research.

We are not a low-cost outfit. We train analysts, not glorified human search engines, or low level information practitioners. Our alumni bring real value to their jobs. We expect nothing less.

Our program is simple, straight forward, doesn’t waste your time on irrelevant topics or slide shows. Instead we build you a career. It is intense and rigorous. Our certificate, the CIP™ is the most widely recognized globally by both employers and recruiters.