By Dr. Helen Rothberg, ACI Faculty

Incredible experience in the Masters of CI courses last week. By Thursday, people’s left brains were getting tired from analytical models and number crunching. In the afternoon, we began scenario analysis, and on Friday, their right brains kicked in and I witnessed integrative thinking from the four previous days of learning into very creative, deliberate and strategically sound scenario and strategy analysis. It was spread across the walls and easily rolling off their tongues during their final presentations. Frustration and fatigue transformed into excitement and determination – I don’t think it was the cookies. Instead, I saw their eyes ‘click’- they got it!

Per Peg Wright from Sprint…

PEG WRIGHTThis was by far the best ‘training’ I have ever received! I got more useful direction on strategy out of this week than my MBA provided! Academy of Competitive Intelligence Master’s training exceeded all expectations!”